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Possible Risk which will be faced in the production:
1. The guest cancelled his/her appearance
The Guests:
– Richard Prayogo: Cordlife Researcher, or Mrs. Hilda: Cordlife Nurse
– People who has used the advanced technology to cure the disease or parents who stored their child’s cord blood.
Solution: Prepare the recording of the interview with two guests above due to the show concept (taping).

2. The guest arrives late.
Solution: The production keeps on running, talent must improvise. The interview with the guest can be done after the guest arrive.

3. Power shut down, which can cause:
– The lighting can not be used.
– The sound is also off.
– Microphone and camera can not be used.
Solution: Prepare the power generator to turn the power back on.

4. Technical Disorder :
– The camera run out of battery
Solution: Prepare the back-up supply of batteries before the show.

5. The production process takes a longer time than expected.
Solution: Talkshow will be recorded until finish, but in a shorter duration. The rest of the remaining duration will be filled with more video.


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