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Fransiska Email:
Blog: http:/
Phone No. : (021) 8198549
Mobile No. : 08979814867

Home Address:
Gg Banten X no. 33
East Jakarta

Job Experiences

 Company Name: PT. Plaza Lifestyle Prima (fx lifestyle X’nter)
• Division: Advertising and Promotion Department
• Position Title: Internee
• Date joined: September, 1st until December, 26th
o Sent enquiry about fX Exhibition Details
o Sent proposal of fX Exhibition Details, layout, and Standard of Operation (SOP) to exhibitor
o Followed up – phone call or meeting
o Sent Confirmation Letter by fX lifestyle X’nter
o Submitted layout, booth design, and other details to fX RDD (Retail Design and Development).
o Accepted back the SOP and Confirmation Letter
o Arranged Technical Meeting with exhibitor and other related divisions such as Event, Tenancy, Engineer, Operation, and Marketing Communication.
o Issued Loading In and Loading Out letter, and signed by Operational Duty Manager and Finance Manager (asked finance to issue Guarantee Letter if it was needed)
o Issued Minutes of Inspection (MOI)
o Sent Thank You Letter to exhibitor
o Followed up prospected media to arrange media placement and form of agreement.
o Called media about the time they wanted to print the content
o Media monitoring and media placement

 Event: Talk show “Health and Beyond” – STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta
• Position Title: Producer and Host
• Date of Event July, 4th 2009
• Responsibilities:
o Created a concept of the show and the studio
o Arranged and lead group meetings
o Researched a weekly talk show material
o Contact a source
o As a host, cooperated with the source to present a good talk show

 Event: Seminar “Tele PC” – STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta
• Position Title: Media Relations
• Date of event: July, 3rd 2009
• Responsibilities:
o Approached the target media about the concept of the event
o Built a cooperation with the media partners according to agreement reached
o Ensured the media partners to come on schedule
o Gave MOU and plaque to the media partners
o Sent video and photographs to the media partners

 Event: “Indonesia Livestock Expo”
• Position Title: English Translator
• Date of event: July, 1st – 3rd 2008

 Event: Conference “Preparing Fire Protection and Suppression Techniques for Climate Change”
• Position Title: English Translator
• Date of event: October, 31st – November, 1st 2007

 Company name: PT Novena Furniture (group of Melandas home concept)
• Position title: Marketing
• Date Joined: December 2004 – March 2007
• Responsibilities:
o Maximized sales and achieved the highest target
o Gave a deep understanding of a product knowledge to customers
o In coordinating with Delivery and Administration Staff, established the time of delivery product to customers
o Achieved excellence and professional customer services with the highest level of efficiency and service level

Educational Attainment

Bachelor Degree (S1) : Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komunikasi
The London School of Public Relations
Bachelor of Art Communications
2006 – 2010
Majoring Mass Communications
GPA: 3. 59

Senior High School : St. Theresia High School

Special Trainings

Training of “Presentation Skills Techniques” held by STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta

• Study program “Communications and Information Technology” held by PT Optima Solusindo Informatika
• Seminar “Survival in Television Journalism” held by STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta
• Seminar “Shoot Direct Edit” Seminar held by STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta

Training in “Kompas Journalistic Training” held by St. Theresia High School – Jakarta

January- April 2005
Scholarship program “Creative Writing Program for Young People” held by Jakarta School and Agromedia Goup


Computer skills: High skill of Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook)
Adobe Photoshop

Languages spoken and written: Bahasa


• Writing a thesis for Bachelor of Art Degree, majoring Mass Communications in London School of Public Relations – Jakarta
• Wedding Organizer for Party Purrfect
• Usher and Part Time Sales
• Own a bag business

Awards and Honors

• Certificate of “Presentation Skills Techniques” Training held by STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta on 2009
• Certificate from Embassy of the United States of America – Jakarta, as a participant in the U.S Department of State for ”Democracy Video Challenge 2009” on 2009
• International Certificate on LCCIEB exam in Marketing with result “Pass with Distinction” on 2006
• International Certificate on LCCIEB exam in English for Business Communications with result “Pass” on 2006
• Best 10 IP at the first semester of studying in STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta
• Have a minimum IP 3,56 – 3,89 during semester one until semester six at STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta
• Certificate of “Communications and Information Technology” subject held by PT Optima Solusindo Informatika, on 2006
• Certificate of “Survival in Television Journalism” Seminar held by STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta on 2006
• Certificate of “Shoot Direct Edit” Seminar held by STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta on 2006
• Scholarship from Jakarta School and Agromedia Group for 3 months, joined in “Creative Writing Program for Young People” on 2005
• Certificate of “Kompas Journalistic Training” on 2004

LCCIEB (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board) exams is held by London School of Public Relations, London, United Kingdom. The qualifications are recognized in 125 countries and have accreditation more than 8500 business school in the world.

Jakarta School is an educational institute which focused on writing skill and creativity development.

Additional Information

My vision in life as a professional: Develop a conducive and effective communication strategies in facing problems and competitions

My immediate goal in life: Join in a corporate communications team of a dynamic company, involved in the activities and be asset there

My strengths:
• Consider a job as an important thing that must be accomplished with high dedication.
• Working with schedule, quality of work, and job performance.
• Eager to work under pressure.
• Eager to learn new things and consider difficulties as a challenge that can improve my skill
• Proactive that leads me to readily think of a solution whenever I am faced with a problem.
• Comfortable with people, like to make friends, and ready to work in a team.

• Write a fiction story
• Surf on the internet about news
• Follow the politics, legal, and social issues on TV
• Make a daily to-do-list and do activities

Personal Information

Date of Birth: November, 26th 1987
Age: 22 years
Marital Status: Single
Civil Status: Indonesia


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